Animal Health

Reifel's feed carrys an assortment of animal health supplies for all your veterinary needs, daily requirements and emergency supplies. 


Is your 4-legged friend feeling under the weather? Not sure whats wrong? Stop by Reifel's and let the experts help you out. We carry a wide variety of flea and tick perventatives, fungicides, worming medicines, dog shots, antibiotics and lots more. Some of our products include Safeguard canine dewormer, Frontline, Advantix, Advantage, Specta Sure, Capstar, Liquid worm eze, and penicillin.


*Fun fact- Do you think your dog has a fever? A dogs normal temperature is between 101 and 102.5 degrees. 

At the Vet


Treat your horses like your kids. Don't forget to worm for parasites, vaccinate, and make sure they are getting good nutrition. Reifel's feed can provide all your basic needs for keeping your horse healthy and active. Stop by and check out our line of wormer paste including safe-guard, zimectrin gold, ivermectin, bimectrin, panacur, quest plus & equimax. We also carry vitamins and suplements to a healthier horse including electro-plex, red cell, duravite, duraflex and duralyte. 


*Fun fact - Horses have 205 bones in their skeleton. 


Girl with Horse