Stop by and check out our large selection of fertilizers. We have everything you need. Looking for something to help your tomato plants grow? Try our famous Urban Farms Texas Tomato food! Don't want ugly weeds in your front yard? Try some Nitro-Phos 15-5-10. Have fruit trees that need some extra spunk? Try our ferti-lome fruit, citrus and pecan tree food. For all your fertilizer needs Reifel's is your one stop shop. 

Not sure what your garden or lawn needs? We have an easy fix. We provide soil tests that will allow you to see exactly what nutrients you will need to have the perfect lawn or garden. Ask an associate for help and we will set you up with everything you may need.  


Some of our products are listed below:

(15-9-12) This product is a multi-purpose plant food for use with in ground annuals & indoor and outdoor container plants. 

(14-14-14) Osmocote flower and vegetable is good for both seasonal vegetables and perennials. 

For all vegetable types. Lower nitrogen, high potassium and calcium to stop blossom end rot. 

(15-5-10) Used to jump start rapid growth and inhance dark green color. Apply Feb. 15th (late winter) 

(15-5-10) Contains trimec, used to kill most broad leaf weeds while promoting a beautiful, healthy lawn. Apply Feb 15th (late winter)